Plymouth residents consider themselves the healthiest in the UK

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Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 20:31

New research by Simplyhealth reveals that Plymouth is regarded by its residents as the UK’s healthiest city, followed closely by Bristol and Brighton. 

More than two thirds[1] (67%) of people surveyed in Plymouth consider themselves to be healthy – a figure significantly higher than the national average (59%).

In comparison, almost a fifth (19%) of Brits consider themselves to be very or fairly unhealthy2, while respondents in Cardiff, Sheffield and Liverpool consider themselves to be the unhealthiest in the UK.

The top 3 healthiest cities in the UK

(% consider themselves to be healthy)

The top 3 unhealthiest cities in the UK (% consider themselves to be unhealthy) 2

Plymouth (67%)

Cardiff (26%)

Bristol (65%)

Sheffield (26%)

Brighton (64%)

Liverpool (25%)

Everyday health is a top priority

The report findings also highlight that people living in Plymouth are proactive in taking care of their everyday health needs.

When it comes to staying healthy, over half (51%) focus on eating healthily and almost two fifths (39%) on being physically active. In addition, more than half (55%) book regular check-ups with the optician to monitor their eye health while a further 55% will book appointments with their dentist for a general check-up.

Furthermore, to maintain their health and wellbeing, two fifths (41%) of those surveyed in Plymouth will book an appointment with their doctor for a minor health concern within just a week of showing symptoms of being unwell. In comparison, the average Brit will wait for over 2 weeks before booking a doctor’s appointment.

This may be because Plymouth is identified by its residents as the easiest city in the UK for GP access, closely followed by Brighton and Newcastle.

In fact, over half (53%) of respondents in Plymouth feel it is either very easy or quite easy to get a GP appointment in the area – a figure well above than the national average (37%).

The hardest city in the UK to book a GP appointment

(% of respondents saying it’s hard)

The easiest city in the UK to book a GP appointment

(% of respondents saying it’s easy)

Nottingham (45%)

Plymouth (53%)

Bristol (42%)

Brighton (45%)

Cardiff (41%)

Newcastle (41%)

Glasgow (41%)

Norwich (39%)

Manchester (41%)

London (39%)

Mental health a key concern

However, while people in Plymouth take a positive approach to safeguarding their physical health, the report suggests that the same does not apply when it comes to mental wellbeing, with many residents surveyed in Plymouth continuing to disregard their health in this area.

For instance, over two fifths (44%) admitted that nothing would make them book a counselling appointment, despite the fact that almost a quarter (24%) of survey respondents3 have either been personally diagnosed or have a family member who has been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

And in spite of greater awareness around the issue, it seems there remains a stigma associated with mental health, as less than two fifths (39%) of people living in Plymouth feel more comfortable discussing mental health issues now than they have done previously. 

GP and Simplyhealth Ambassador, Dr Dawn Harper, said: “Eating more fruit and veg, taking regular exercise and sleeping well will all help our physical and mental wellbeing, but we also need to prioritise routine check-ups to ensure any potential problems are picked up before they become a bigger issue.

“There is a lot of truth in the old adage “prevention is better than cure”. A health cash plan can offer easy access to GP appointments and telephone counselling as well as covering the cost of prescription medicines, new glasses and physiotherapy.”

Simplyhealth is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to private health insurance. With different levels of cover to choose from, the new Simplyhealth cash plan and app provides instant access to GPs, counsellors and physiotherapists and enables customers to claim cashback on everyday healthcare treatments, from prescription medication, physiotherapy, chiropody, podiatry and more.

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