5 Things Stopping You from Getting the Sleep You Need!

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Posted: Friday, June 19, 2020 - 14:56

Everyone knows just how hard the day is when you have not slept well. The small tasks and problem balloon into unsolvable challenges and your emotions run wild. If you’re lucky, this can happen very occasionally, but for some people, no matter how tired, sleep eludes them. It can be frustrating to be so tired, but unable to sleep. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do and check that will improve your rest and let you be ready to face the day.

The sad secret is it takes us way too long to address some issues when it comes to sleeping. The truth is a few changes can make a world of difference, but instead, we just keep trying the same thing every night and expecting things to change. So, here are five things that are stopping you from getting the sleep you need and how to fix them;

1. Caffeine in your system

Caffeine can remain affecting your body’s systems long after its noticeable effects fade. Studies show that it takes around five hours for caffeine to start leaving your systems. So, if you are having trouble sleeping, then try skipping coffee after midday, and you may find yourself resting better.

2. Too much exposure to blue light

Blue light is a real problem in modern society. Smart devices are an everyday use item but, like computers and video game consoles, smart device screens emit a blue light that causes a lot of strain on your eyes. It is impossible to avoid blue light, but if you can try leaving an hour between using a device and going to bed if you cannot then look at buying blue screen reduction lenses.

3. Using old or incorrect pillows and mattresses

You are using your bed on average about one-third of each day, and if it is not in the proper condition or not working for you, then you are asking for trouble. Pillows and mattress are not built for everybody equal. You need to find ones that suit you. Of course, in the UK alone, there are many different options. Click here for UK specific pillow reviews.

4. Lack of a bedtime routine

A bedtime routine helps you to get ready for bed psychologically. If you are taking a long time to fall asleep, it might mean your body does not know its routine. Taking an hour before bed to take care of any task and make sure you are in bed, ready to sleep by a specific time will make your body prepare itself to sleep and make your life easier.

5. Not drinking enough water

Drink water! Yes, seriously it is very easy to become dehydrated as you sleep, so if you do not drink enough water during the day, then do be surprised if you wake up with a headache in the night. This thing is the easiest fix of them all, when your thirsty, drink some water.

Those five things sound simple but are overlooked by some many people. If you take the time to think about yourself and which of these things you could stop doing, then you would be surprised at the improvement in your sleep and, by extension, your life. As the heat of the summer rolls in there are other things you can do sleep in the heat.


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