REVEALED: Newcastle Brown Ale the UK's Favourite Beer

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Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 20:57

Friday is the perfect day for cracking open a cold one and congratulating yourself on a week well done! However, today this is more important than ever as it is in fact International Beer Day! Brits are known for their beer consumption, UK consumers drink around 8 Billion Pints Per Year, and the UK as a whole is a hub for breweries NEW and OLD. But have you ever thought how much Beer drinking has changed over the years? Once the staple for middle age dad's with beer bellies it's now the preferred drink of young and old, men and women across the world. Plus with new Craft Beer kids on the block, the possibilities are endless - Searches for craft beer have increased by 730% in 10 years.

Most popular beers in the UK Type Millenials who love it Boomers who love it Women who love it Men who love it
Newcastle Brown Ale Ale 24% 33% 35% 65%
Amstel Lager 36% 24% 37% 63%
Hobgoblin Ale 35% 24% 37% 63%
Old Speckled Hen Bitter 29% 30% 39% 61%
John Smith's Ale 26% 27% 39% 61%

It turns out that Millennials have a rather varied palette, with 7 different types of drink in the top 10, but a Lager is the preferred, coming in 4 times. Top beers amongst younger age groups are light on alcohol - average of 4.78 ABV (alcohol by volume) with the highest being only a 5.9. Millennials are more adventurous with their drinking choices and are more likely than the older generation to try out new things, including Craft Beers, with 30% vs 70% craft beer vs standard beer ratio, plus these younger beer drinkers prefer newer brands made in the last 20 years!

  Millennials Fave Beer %
1 Lagunitas 69%
2 Tecate 63%
3 Pacifico 61%
4 Rekorderlig 60%
5 Camden Hells Lager 57%
6 Desperados 53%
7 Chang 52%
8 Butcombe 52%
9 Bath Ales 52%
10 Savanna Dry Cider 51%

But how do Boomers favourite beers compare? It turns out that older drinkers prefer the full bodied taste of an Ale, with 8 out of the top 10 beers being Ale. It also turns out that this age and experience means they can handle a stronger selection with the top beers amongst older age groups being heavier on the alcohol - an average of 4.98 ABV! They also seem to favourite the classics with 10% vs 90% craft beer vs standard beer ratio, and with 7 out of the 10 first made before 1980!

  Boomers Fave Beer %
1 Special Brew 40%
2 McEwan's 40%
3 Old Peculier 38%
4 Courage Directors 37%
5 Worthington's 37%
6 Brakspear 36%
7 Marston's Pedigree 36%
8 Ruddles County 36%
9 Skol 35%
10 Thwaites 35%

So tonight in celebration, let's all have an ice cold pint to celebrate - but what will you choose? Gift a beer lover in your life with a Scribbler beer -the charm and wit of a Scribbler card on their favourite beverage!



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