7 famous dishes of Japanese cuisine

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 10:50

Japan is one of the most culturally rich countries on the planet. For many people in the West, the assimilation of Japanese cuisine and certain unique delicacies has resulted in an immediate frenzy, where some are flying for miles just to get a taste of some of the best Washoku on the market.

Japanese food varies substantially based on the method of preparation, which means that you may develop an affinity for one cuisine, and not be so crazy about another. That said, certain dishes can be easy to prepare at home, with the soba noodle recipe for instance, you could treat your family to one of the dishes that are very easy to make. So what dishes stand out? And which ones are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression?

Here is a list of 7 popular Japanese dishes you must try!


The thing about the Japanese is that they pride themselves on the presentation as much as the preparation. One example of such intricate aesthetics is the colorful Tempura which consists of fried fish, seafood and sometimes veggies. It is eaten with a dipping sauce, and each piece is carefully placed on the tray to give it a beautiful finish. The fish is crispy deep-fried, and once you dip it in the flavored sauce, you will experience the true definition of culinary heaven.


A traditional Japanese specialty, the Kaiseki is typically a multi-course meal that consists of several different dishes, each carefully placed on a tray and accompanied by traditional green tea. This dish started mainly as a tasting course, but then over the years, it evolved into a popular multi-course meal.


The Japanese do like their noodles, that’s for sure. Soba is made from buckwheat flour and is one of the highly recommended, healthy noodle varieties. It can be eaten with a specially prepared dipping sauce to accentuate the taste.


You can’t have a list of famous Japanese cuisine and not mention the most popular one of all. Sushi has been a fan favorite in the west for many years, consisting mainly of preserved fish served in fermented rice.

The beauty of sushi is how dynamic the preparation and serving can get. Common contemporary practices involve the use of fresh raw fish that is served with vinegared rice to give it a distinct taste. Sushi can be served in several different shapes and forms, and it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


This dish is one of the very ingenious dishes on this list, as it uses just about every part of a chicken. The Yakitori dish throws nothing away, you get little bite-size parts that are grilled on a skewer. The idea behind grilling everything from the liver, heart and the chicken comb which is rarely eaten in other countries, is to prevent wastage. This means that practically every part of the chicken is fair game for this dish.

This is important because the Japanese are very particular about not wasting food, so the development of this dish was largely culturally motivated.


If you want to experience the tender, rich, signature wagyu beef, then you should try out the Sukiyaki. This one-pot dish typically consists of tofu, beef, and veggies, all dipped in a signature Japanese sweet soy sauce blend.

Tsukemono Pickles

Finally, our list wouldn’t be complete without some healthy, traditional Tsukemono pickles. With ingredients such as ume plum fruit, eggplant, and daikon radish. This meal looks just as good as it tastes, it is also highly recommended for its nutritional value.

Bottom Line

Japanese food is one of the few cuisines that manages to blend great taste and nutritional value, you don’t have to worry about calorie cheat days with this blend of traditional culinary heaven. It takes great, and it’s healthy.

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