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How to Prepare as a Couple for Family Life

When you’re planning on starting a family, the excitement and affection that you feel for your partner, and for the path you are mapping ahead, can feel overwhelming. After all, you’re about to start a journey that will last for the rest of your life – and you’re doing it with the person you...

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker


9 Safety-conscious guidelines when buying toys for little ones

Authored by Mike Page

Toys play a fundamental role and are the treasures of childhood. But they can be hazardous for little ones too. To keep a child safe, it’s essential to follow specific guidelines when you are selecting the right toys.


Most toys are market with a recommended age, which must be followed. It’s vital to remain realistic about your child’s maturity level and...

£13,000 a year for time to chill

Authored by News Desk

Exhausted working parents spend almost £13,000 a year in a bid to free up time to relax, new research has revealed.

Desperate Brits have spent an average of £249 forking out for cleaners, ironing services, food deliveries and taxis in a bid just to free up time. If they did this every week it would equate to almost £13,000 a year, new research from Churchill has revealed.


Dealing with Divorce: A Guide

Authored by Mike Page

Nobody expects or wants to get divorced when they marry their partner. However, statistics show that around 42 percent of marriages in the UK end in divorce, so it’s important to know what action to take if you and your partner decide to end your marriage.

To help your separation run as smoothly and stress-free as possible, here is a useful guide on how to deal with divorce.


Children as young as eight giving out their personal details to people they meet online

Authored by News Desk

Almost a third (29%) of children aged eight to 13 have given out personal details to people they’ve met online, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 children, commissioned by O2, also revealed their social media profiles contained potentially sensitive information, with almost a quarter displaying their email address and 8% showing their phone number. Some even revealed...

Find out if you have grounds for a divorce in the UK

Authored by Sarah Parker

Dealing with a marriage breakdown is not only upsetting for everyone affected, but it can also be daunting in terms of what to do next; especially when children are involved. As a result of this, some people find themselves postponing the divorce process, which, unfortunately, just prolongs any unhappiness. It’s completely understandable, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Working on your relationship: Three things to do

Authored by Sarah Parker

For many, a loving relationship can be the most fulfilling component of their lives. But this means that relationship problems can negatively affect you in ways that impact everything from your ability to work throughout the day or relax and unwind in the evening. However, problems do not signify that your relationship is doomed to fail. Here are three things you can do to give your...

How to Encourage Your Kids to be Sensible with Money

Authored by Mike Page

Throughout your children’s lifetimes, money management is going to be a skill they use daily. Whether it’s how they spend their first batch of pocket money or which is the best mortgage type for them, there will always be financial decisions to be made. Making financial decisions, particularly when inexperienced in doing so, can be a daunting prospect. Below are a few tips on how to get them...

NSPCC reveals increasing fears over children in the SW being left home alone

Authored by News Desk

NSPCC has urged parents to think carefully before leaving their children unsupervised during the school holidays, after seeing a 21 per cent rise in contacts about the issue last summer.

As schools in England and Wales break-up for summer the child protection charity has revealed specialist practitioners on its helpline received 5,737 calls and emails in 2018/19 from adults concerned...

Pet owners face flea epidemic as hot and humid weather hits

Authored by Mary

As sweltering temperatures are expected to soar above 30°C (86F) this week, thousands of Devon homes can expect to be on alert as the hot and humid weather provides fleas with the ideal conditions needed to multiply.

Pets at Home is urging pet owners to regularly check their pets and homes for fleas, as the hot and humid weather conditions creates the perfect breeding ground for the...

How to improve the behaviour of your dog

Authored by Mike Page

A dog is more than just a pet – it’s a member of the family, and boy, do dogs know it. Dogs are social animals and are happiest when they have plenty of company and mental stimulation. Most dogs are exceptionally bright, and if they lack mental stimulation will find ways to make their own entertainment. Without training and a proper outlet for their energy, they can show signs of anxiety,...