Some of the Best Birthday Party Ideas for Your Child’s Special Day

Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Thursday, July 4, 2019 - 09:07

Your child’s birthday party is a big deal, and it should be a day filled with fun and excitement and a lot of unique adventures. Of course, you can always go the usual route and hire the services of a clown or a magician and serve the children with a variety of popular snacks. But if you would like something a bit more out of the ordinary and would like to give your child a more memorable event, here’s a list of some best birthday party ideas for your child’s special day.

A sleepover with lots of goodies

Whether your child is four, five, or 10 and older, there's nothing quite like a fantastic sleepover with their friends. Plan your sleepover after supper, around 6:30 in the evening or thereabouts, and request guests to arrive in their favourite pyjamas. You can also ask the other children to bring their favourite sleeping bags, blankets, and stuffed toys. To make the party even more special, decorate the children's room with a big cut-out moon and stars hanging from the ceiling.

For activities, you can do several. You can have the children play dress-up by letting them dress their stuffed animals in doll’s clothing, socks, scarves, hats, and jewellery. Another brilliant activity would be to have the children decorate various pillowcases using fabric markers and stamps. Depending on the age of the children, you can also give them a nice bedtime story before they go to sleep; pile up a few pillows and cushions and have the children lie on these whilst you recite a beautiful bedtime story or even lullaby.

If you want to give the children a sweet, yummy snack before going to bed, you can also have a cake-making activity where all the children can participate in baking a cake. Alternatively, you can have an activity such as chocolate-making, where you have special moulds (such as cute animal moulds available from MoldyFun) where the children can pour melted chocolate.

By the time they wake up in the morning, the chocolate will have hardened, and they can enjoy a great mid-morning chocolate snack.

A colourful glitter party

If you want to plan something extra special for your little one, you can have a colourful glitter children's party as well. You can start with glitter invitations using glitter markers and look for inexpensive sunglasses which you and the children can decorate with glitter. Another activity you can prepare for the children is a relay race, where two teams can have a race to see who can dress up the fastest in various accessories (with lots of glitter, of course). When everyone is in their appropriate dress, have them march down a runway and strike a pose. The winner is the first team who can finish.

Another activity which can unleash the creativity in everyone is baking some goodies – glittery, sparkly ones, that is. You can make use of various kinds of moulds for baking, and when the cake is made, everyone can decorate it with edible glitter and sparkles in all colours of the rainbow.

With these children’s party ideas, you can make your child’s special day even more unique and remarkable – an event which your child (and their friends) won’t forget for a very long time indeed.

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