5 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

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Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 22:33

The first year of a baby’s life is jampacked with exciting milestones and touching moments such as a first laugh, crawling, gurgled words and maybe even walking or their first family holiday. Of course, it’s true that babies are not going to understand the concept of Santa, the reason for all the festivity or any of the religious significance, but that should not stop parents from making their baby’s first Christmas a special time which they’ll remember forever. Whether your little one is days, months or nearly a year old, here are 5 fun and sentimental ways to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas.

1. Turn their hand or footprint into an ornament

What’s cuter than baby hands and feet? They grow incredibly quickly so why not capture them in a salt dough ornament? You can make salt dough with flour, salt, and water and lightly press their hand/foot into the dough. It will dry solid and with a bit of paint and glitter and a ribbon you can hang this unique ornament in your home every year.

2. Create a Christmas height chart

Choose a long piece of ribbon in a festive colour and measure your baby’s height. Add a small tag marking the date, roll it up and place into a clear bauble. You can take the ribbon out every Christmas to mark their new height so you can all see how much they have grown from year to year.

3. Buy them a personalised gift

There are lots of personalised Christmas gifts from the giftco which would make ideal gifts for your baby on their first Christmas. From personalised storybooks and soft toys to Christmas ornaments and decorations. You can often add their name, photo, date of birth and weight at birth or even a unique message. A personalised Christmas stocking is a particularly good idea as you can fill it with Christmas treats and gifts for years to come.

4. Start an annual photo tradition

Choose a special place in your home, e.g., on a comfy chair or by the fireplace, take a photo of your baby in their best festive outfit and then recreate the photo every Christmas. Over the years you’ll have a wonderful series of photos tracking their development. You could also take them to Santa’s Grotto and take a photo of them receiving their gift from the man himself.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on a Christmas photo tradition, make the most of how small your baby is now by ‘wrapping them up’ as a present, i.e., placing a bow and some wrapping paper around them and placing them under the tree, or wearing a fancy dress costume such as a Santa hat, elf ears or reindeer antlers.

5. Make or buy them a pair of Christmas slippers

We’re back those adorable tiny feet again, but if you or someone in your family is a dab hand with some knitting needles or a needle and thread, then why not make the baby a unique pair of Christmas slippers? They can be worn this Christmas but when they’ve outgrown them they make the perfect tree decorations.

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