South Hams author shares an evocative historical fantasy set on Dartmoor

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Authored by Sarah Parker
Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 14:42


Dartmoor, a mystical and magical place, is home to a pastoral people called The Moorlanders, who seek to defend their ancient homeland against a tyrannical sorcerer intent on claiming the Moor to extract its minerals.

To save both their way of life and themselves, the Moorlanders must suppress their peaceful natures and do battle. Caradoc, a young, courageous Moorlander, must lead his friends, Fontanella and Hamilcar, the badger, through danger, meeting many fantastical characters and creatures along the way.

With an underlying environmental message, characters in The Moorlanders are inextricably linked with the natural world and its creatures.

Steven D. Coles is a solicitor with degrees in English and History. He has lived in the South Hams area of South Devon for thirty years. He is inspired by the Tors of Southern Dartmoor on the northern horizon and enjoys sharing the Moorland stories with his sons and grandsons.

Steven says, "I acquired a passion for Dartmoor and its mythology as a child; a fantastic pre-historic landscape existing in the 21st Century. I have told my own children and grandchildren stories of the Moor and its myths and their enthusiasm for the tales inspired me to write them down. Walking up the river valleys towards the sinister shapes of Hound Tor or Vixen Tor or the twisted trees of Wistman's Wood on the skyline or driving across the mist shrouded moor at night, it is easy to imagine creatures from moorland myth lurking just out of view..."

PUBLICATION DATE: 30th September 2020

ISBN: 9781838594787

Price: £8.99


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