Slot machine fun? Shop around for big bonuses

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Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 11:22

There are a lot more people with time on their hands at the moment, and most of us enjoy a casual flutter. This combination has meant that online casinos are desperately vying for the biggest share of this new market - and that’s to your advantage.

Rule Britannia

The UK has some of the biggest, best and most regulated online casinos in the world, and that means we have a great choice of quality, reputable businesses to have a flutter with. UK sites are well-designed, easy to use and they have all the latest games to play.

The easiest way to have a fun gamble is to play one of the thousands of online slots that are the mainstay of casinos. There are no complicated rules to learn, and because you’re not playing against anyone else there are no worries about looking like a newbie!

Shop around

All the best casinos want you to choose them. To encourage new players, many of the best online casinos give away various incentives. Because it can be rather time-consuming to find the good ones, there are now online portals that exist just to help you find online casinos with nice bonuses for new players.

If you’re looking to play the online slots then use these sites to find the best free spin, no deposit, no wager deals. Follow the links you find and open up a new player account to activate your bonus.

Spin and win?

Not all casino bonuses are created equally. Some will put restrictions on what you can do with any winnings that come from your free spins. These could mean that you have to play quite a lot more using your winnings before you’re allowed to take them as “real” cash. Not ideal if you have a run of bad luck!

The best free spin bonuses are the rarest. These are free spins with no restrictions. If you win a million pounds with a free spin you can take that as cash. Casinos only offer these unrestricted free spin houses very rarely, so keep an eye on your favourite online casino bonus portal as they have staff trawling the internet every day looking for them.

Other bonuses

Don’t just restrict yourself to looking for free spins, though. There are other casino bonuses that can be used by fans of online slots.

Matched deposit bonuses are a great way to effectively “double your money”, which means you can have twice as many chances to land a big payout. These work by the casino matching the amount you deposit into your account, usually as an incentive or reward for a first deposit. You can then play with the bonus money to get extra spins on your favourite slots.

You can also find casinos that give you timed bonuses. These usually reward players who play fairly regularly. Common timed casino bonuses include a number of free spins if you come back weekly or monthly to play, or free spins or other bonuses on your birthday or the anniversary of you opening your account.

So now is a great time to take advantage of the situation and hunt out the online casinos with nice bonuses for new players.



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