How betting can affect sports?

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Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 20:04

Betting, online, and in the real world is getting more and more popular in the United Kingdom. This is a trend that will likely continue to rise indefinitely. But, we are more interested in how it will affect sports and teams. There is no simple answer here and we will try to predict the outcome using various sources.

The neutral or positive effect

Betting in the UK is mostly focused on Football 46.7% and on horse races 27.3%. But, other sports are not neglected either. In general, the value of the betting industry is £2,121M and it measured an increase of 4-9% per year in all sports. Although we have mentioned the two, most common and popular, all other sports are appealing to bettors.

Increased betting will likely have a neutral positive effect. What this means is that nothing will change or something will be improved. In the first case scenario, we can see that sports are played on a global scale. Most fans don’t gamble or they gamble rarely. As such, there is nothing that will seriously affect sports. On the other hand, betting isn’t linked to team profit. The football team doesn’t get money from your bets and they are not very interested in this matter.

The second possibility is probably more appealing. More popular betting in the United Kingdom will affect the number of establishments (online and real-world) that offer this type of fun. We can see that sports will be more popular, which will increase the demand for more games, races, and matches. In one word, betting will indirectly promote sports across the country and across the world. This brings us to the next part of the story. With more fans and more viewers, athletes will compete more. There will be new clubs and teams that will we will love. The bottom line is that when the popularity is increased, sports across the United States will develop to completely new horizons.

We must add that sports betting in the UK is extremely safe thanks to Gamstop. This is an online organization that helps people with gambling or betting addiction and the one that measures a steady increase in popularity. Some of the UK betting sites such as Betiton, 888 Sport, and Mr. Play are on Gamstop. It means that when you activate your account, you won’t be able to bet here. Not all betting sites are members of the organizations. Sites such as Fortune Clock Bookie, Crazy Star Casino, and BetNow are not on Gamstop and it is easy to try if you know the best options how to get around Gamstop.

What to expect in the future?

Let’s imagine a scenario in which betting is extremely popular and increases popularity significantly every single year. We can expect new teams, new sports to be developed, and new betting providers. As with everything else that develops, more users equals more providers.

It is highly likely that online betting and online providers will develop the first and most. Here we can expect VR games, virtual games that completely radical and don’t have anything in common with the current games. We can also expect more advanced betting options and more desirable outcomes.

Of course, real-world betting will change as well, but we believe that it will be less affected than the online betting and it will develop much slower. In this case scenario, we can expect to see more variation of sports and games and also more pronounced rivalry among the teams. 

The final word

In one way or another, betting is increasing as we speak. It will have no or positive effect on sports. We believe that the latter will is more likely. For bettors, this means new possibilities, new options, more profitable outcomes and so much more. In general, this means more fun and higher profit.

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