Plympton Academy students get on their bikes

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Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 10:29

Students from Plympton Academy, who are learning about the different careers they could pursue when they leave school, had a visit from a Plymouth based business start-up recently.

Ifootbike founders, Vini and Pavel visited the school to talk to the students about how they started their business, and their future plans for the scooter bike hybrid. They explained to the Year 10 students that kick scooting is a natural movement and anyone can ride a footbike, even those who do not know how to cycle or cannot cycle.

After the presentation the students had the chance to try the footbike for themselves, and some of them took part in the ultimate challenge, to ride it wearing a blindfold. This was part of a series of team building exercises, including a relay race and a team slalom on the footbike.

Student Kiera Chapman said; “It was great to do lots of teamwork and also it helped boost my self-confidence as at the start of the day i didn't think i could do it.”

Fellow student, Aimee Ungless said; “I felt really challenged and I overcame some fears”.

Vini and Pavel from Ifootbike said they had a great time working with the Plympton Academy students. “It was a great pleasure to join Mr Strachan and his bright students at Plympton Academy. It is always beautiful to watch how trust and self-confidence are quickly developed within the team. We look forward to bringing this experience to every kid in every school in Devon and Cornwall."

Jim Strachan, Head of Year 10 at Plympton Academy said; “These team building exercises are important as they get students to think out of their comfort zone and challenges them to think in a different way. I was so proud of the students for their enthusiasm in speaking to Vini and Pavel and the way they took to using the product, especially when they tried it blindfolded, that was a real fear factor for a lot of them.”

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