The importance of education for everyone

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Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 11:00

Whether or not you consider yourself an academic person, it is clear that a certain level of education makes a huge difference for everyone. While it is not vital to pursue a university degree in order to live a fulfilling life, it can be very difficult to make one’s way in today’s world without basic schooling. In more deprived areas of the world, the chance to learn and develop skills is one of the most sought-after rights. Access to education is a major concern to activists of all kinds, as there is currently a huge disparity between the opportunities available to an individual according to their background. So why is education considered so valuable? Here are a few reasons why it is at the forefront of many political agendas.


As a general rule, skilled, qualified workers make more money. If you have had expert training in a particular field, doors will open in front of you. You’ll be more capable of supporting your family and leading a healthy, enjoyable life. The type of education you should seek depends on your ambitions. While would-be doctors and scientists are usually required to attend university, those with a keen interest in hands-on fields such as woodwork or childcare might achieve more by taking vocational courses or becoming apprentices. Whatever your choice of institution, studying a specific field will help you to develop specialist knowledge and command respect from employers.


Generally speaking, the lower one’s level of education, the narrower their field of opportunity in the professional world. This doesn’t simply refer to qualifications but also to the in-depth understanding of different disciplines. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, even basic education is exceptionally hard to obtain for individuals who are not from a wealthy background. This means that those from more deprived backgrounds do not often have access to the same levels of opportunity as those who are born into wealthier family settlings. In some countries, however, while further and higher education is still costly, generous loans can be provided to help people of all backgrounds attain the education they require. When applying for a graduate MBA degree, for example, a prospective student can take out a loan or apply for a scholarship to cover the costs. This type of funding opens the doors of opportunity for so many people.

Keeps You on the Right Wavelength

While many individuals in positions of power remain responsible and considerate, others may be prone to take advantage. Individuals with no education are often more likely to be targeted. On the other hand, those who have attained any level of learning are generally more likely to recognize when they are being scammed or swindled, as they will have been taught to think creatively. Oftentimes, they are also better equipped to stand their ground and to recognize and fight injustices as the result of critical thinking.

Knowing Where to Start

Whatever your level of learning, it often isn’t as much the facts stored in your head but the capabilities you have developed that are important. School teaches us how to study, research, debate, reason and constructively criticize effectively. It teaches techniques for self-discipline and maintaining a lengthy attention span too. These facets are vital for success in day-to-day life.

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