Bitcoin payment accepted for PhD program at Curtin University

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Posted: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 08:26

Cryptocurrencies have been reaching many important milestones over the past few years, seeing more and more use in things such as reliable financial investments and actual currencies for the use of those who want them. But, one of the most important milestones has finally been achieved within Australia, the country where cryptocurrencies have been seen as one of the most important advancements in technology. Cryptocurrencies are viewed in Australia as another step in the evolution of humanity. With cryptos, they believe, people will be able to move away from traditional banking solutions and cash and move onto the digital currencies. This is why cryptos have been seeing increased use in every aspect of Australian lives. People use it day to day, to purchase consumer goods, or to pay for their online casinos with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But recently, some people have managed to pay for their PhD program with the use of Bitcoin.

PhD program launched

Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia. It houses around 60 000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs and is regarded as one of the best universities in the country. It has recently announced that the university will be launching a cryptocurrency PhD program for those students who are interested in the technology, and it will be allowing payments in Bitcoin.

Blockchain has never had a formal academic studying space before. But, with Curtin introducing a program, there will be potential for an increase in Academic work related to the subject, which will push the industry further than ever before. The PhD program will allow students to join at their discretion and will allow companies and institutions to help these students study blockchain, cryptocurrency and cybersecurity, data analytics and so on. All of this will be possible with the use of cryptocurrency funding that these companies and institutions will be provided to the program and to the students.

The decision to open the cryptocurrency and blockchain PhD program, as well as to have it be paid for entirely with the help of cryptos, is the result of the university’s strategy to popularize cryptos. It is only appropriate that a program dedicated to cryptocurrencies allows payments in them and promotes them as a real currency, rather than anything else.

According to one of the founders of the program, it will be a good chance to kickstart a new generation of cryptocurrency enthusiasts into the industry. Providing them with funding that they would need for their research and for the expansion of understanding of cryptocurrencies means that the technology is only going to become bigger, better and more academically documented.

Any wealthy crypto investor will be able to add funds to the program. Whether they are a company or an individual, does not matter. As long as they want cryptocurrencies to become a part of the everyday lives of people through advancing the technology into the future, they are going to be able to contribute by donating to the program.

Australia is not the only one

But, just like you would expect, Australia is not the only country in the world that is currently pushing for the wide adoption and study of cryptocurrencies. Curtin University is only one of the many that will be studying and accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. Dublin University and the University of British Columbia have both started their own Blockchain tech programs, having the same exact goals like the one in Curtin. More universities will be partnering with private and public companies in order to push the education of Blockchain further. But none of them is the first to accept payments in Bitcoin, with the University of Nicosia in Cyprus being the first one to do so.

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