Electrically Unconcerned, making a decision not to act is better than lack of consideration

Authored by redgenieuk

It’s not often that you write about something nobody worries about. Worry, like many things, goes in waves. Either nobody except a seemingly strange individuals, probably with beards seem concerned or conversely everybody is tearing themselves apart at the potential catastrophe and attempting to spread their view across social media. Normally, the issues and conundrums of the current position...

How to Choose the Right ePOS for Your Business

Authored by Mike Page

Having options is usually a huge benefit. It’s nice to be able to compare similar products in order to ultimately find the one that best meets your needs. But on the same hand, having options can make narrowing down your top choices a little harder.

One of the most important investments you’ll ever make for your business is an ePOS system. Not only can these systems be costly, with the...

Top corporate and media lawyers launch at PSP

Authored by Duncan Little

Two top regional lawyers have teamed up to create a new law firm focused on corporate, commercial, media and intellectual property law.

Tim Jackman and Duncan White have chosen the prestigious Plymouth Science Park as their South West base.

With almost 40 years’ experience working for top London and regional law firms, as well as one of the country’s largest television and...

Sponsor an Event and Hand Out Free Merchandise

Authored by Sarah Parker

You need to consider sponsorship if you want to boost the popularity of your business. It’s an excellent way of giving back to your community. Several events need help from sponsors like you. Given the expenses that an event might incur, the budget set by the organisers might not be enough to cover the cost.

If you decide to sponsor the event, you can donate cash, or you can pay for...

South West Business leader wins ‘Best Director’ award

Authored by Mary

A South West Business leader has been crowned as the ‘Public Sector Director of the Year’ at this year’s South West 2019 Director of the Year awards.

Giles Letheren, Chief Executive of Derriford-based Delt Shared Services, was honoured with the award by the Institute of Director’s (IoD’s) new national chair, Charlotte Valeur, at the ceremony in Bristol on 11th June.


Coworking Collective – 3 Major Benefits of Coworking Spaces for London Startups

Authored by Mike Page

The startup scene in London is booming and it is a very attractive option for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. As the third largest tech hub in the world, there is no shortage of accelerator and incubator programs to give new businesses a helping hand. The British capital has been attracting top talent from around the world for decades and continues to thrive as a location...

Simple banner design changes that could make a difference

Authored by Mike Page

Designing banners for advertising could be overwhelming. You have tons of ideas, and you end up throwing them all on the banner. As a result, the final design becomes too tacky and unappealing. You do not want to use the banners for advertising since you could turn off many people. Try taking a step back and edit the design if possible. These simple design changes could do wonders.


Starting a Local Business: All You Need to Know

Authored by Mike Page

Businesses are the reasons that people are able to access so many products and services. If you have a business idea that can solve an everyday problem, you may have been thinking about starting your own company. Here is all you need to know about starting a local business that could help you in the process.

Gather Your Research

No matter how great you think your idea is, you’...

Plymouth business leaders recognised in top awards

Authored by News Desk

Plymouth-based business leader Giles Letheren, Chief Executive of Delt Shared Services, has been named as one of the Institute of Directors’ South West Directors of the Year, designed to recognise leadership talent and enterprise in the region.

Delt, based in Derriford, is an innovative shared services partnership between local government and the NHS. It delivers core back office...

4 Things to Consider When Starting a Business From Home

Authored by Mike Page

If you are looking for a second income but want to work around other commitments such as children and family, setting up a business from home is an exciting and straightforward solution.

If you are finding the concept of starting up your own business daunting, these helpful tips will make sure that you have a checklist from which to start growing your business from home.