Ten stages of starting the online casino business which will bring real money

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Posted: Thursday, November 28, 2019 - 05:00

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  1. The market of real money online casinos
  2. Obtaining a license for gambling
  3. Registration of the casino domain
  4. Software
  5. Development of the website
  6. Hosting
  7. Payment systems
  8. Security
  9. Technical specialists
  10. Promotion of online casinos

Many experts may say that online casino business is not as difficult as it may look like. You need to study the niche, develop business plan and strategy, only after that you can start working on the construction of your online casino with real money play. Otherwise, it may turn out like this: by opening the site and registering the company, its owner understands that he does not like this business, and the money was invested in vain.

This situation is unacceptable, the organization of the online casino business from scratch (drawing up a business plan for opening an online slot machines website), together with its subtleties and nuances, should bring joy and pleasure. If your business doesn’t bring you joy of operating – you will not succeed.

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1. The market of real money online casinos

As for now, there are a lot of different online casinos over the net. Most of them were made by professionals, but others made by amateurs. Sometimes it happens that amateurs stay in the online casino niche for a longer time than pros. It may happen due to “fresh look” of the newcomer. So, you should always pay attention to pros and newcomers, but you also need to make “something new”, pay attention to all services and functionalities of the competitors: games, payment systems, technical support, etc.

In addition, competitors will tell you how to do it, and how not to do it - if you go to the feedback forum where customers share their impressions of the site, games, and specialists. However, you should not copy all services from competitors' websites, because each resource is made for a certain circle of players.

So, you should know for whom exactly your online casino site with real money play is intended, and what customers will expect from it. For example, it is very important to know which residents of which regions will become your potential players, and which games they prefer.

And the last one. Monitoring the gambling market can be entrusted to specialists - a marketing company engaged in industry analysis.

2. Obtaining a license for gambling

This is legal work-related point. We highly recommend buying an offshore license, it’s cost much lower than, for example, British license. Always pay attention to legal terms and jurisdictions in which you can operate according to the license you want to get.

Each jurisdiction sets its requirements to the owners of the casino with real money play. The Maltese license is different from the one on the Isle of Man, they should be studied, and all the nuances should be considered before paying for it.

Online casinos with a gambling license do not cause concern among players, these casinos respected, this document is a guarantee of the legal principle of work and honesty of the institution.

3. Registration of the casino domain

This one will be clear and short. You need to make a name of the domain around 7 characters long, and the name must speak for itself. The domain name must be easy to read, remember and understand.

4. Software

You should not accept cheap offers, agreeing to install unverified products, because this can lead to errors, violations and malfunctions, you will fail, and your money will go down the drain. After that, you will have to do everything anew and give extra money for this.

There is a very good way: buy or order the original software for your online casino with real money play from the developer. Before buying software license you also need to know this:

  • How many years the company has been operating in the market.
  • How many games are in her arsenal?
  • How players and partners respond about it.
  • How many players prefer to play games of this developer in particular?

5. Development of the website

You can highlight the main aspects of for the website development:

Design. It must be clear, minimalist, user friendly and have high accent on the user experience.

Matching features. The functional features of each site indicate its clear and high-quality work. So, the registration button should open the form for entering data, the payment button should accept funds, and so on.

Number and types of games. There can be a lot of games, but this does not mean at all that a huge number of players will strive for the site. It is important that you know which games are the most popular for your audience.

Extras. A site can be beautiful, stylish, functional, but that's not all. To really attract visitors, you need to add something unique to it - maybe a new “Play” button or an original call to action, curious slogan. It is not necessary to invent it yourself - you can conclude an agreement with copywriters or other professionals who will do it better than you.

When starting an online casino business, which will bring you money, it is worth taking an interest in companies that develop such sites (for real money online casinos), as well as find out customer reviews about these companies.

In addition, turning to specialists, you should find out all the nuances of integrating games into a resource, because it’s far from just clicking “OK” button and everything will be done by itself, there are times when it is really difficult to cope with this task.

6. Hosting

Chose only reliable hosts with good security and encryption. Thus, you can protect your users as well as your online casino business.

7. Payment systems

The more payment systems you’ll have – the better. But you always can choose few payment methods which is widely used by the players (for example PayPal, bank cards, Skrill, etc).

8. Security

It is possible to organize a gambling business in US or any other country quickly and simply if a good developer company helps you, but everything created with such patience and perseverance may be at risk of spam or fraud. Bonuses offered by any casino can become a means of additional income for dishonest users, especially since a new site usually attracts attention during its promotion, and fraudsters can willingly take this opportunity.

So, an online casino with real money play usually offers bonuses for beginners if they register on the site, or a bonus for the first deposit. Some users can “hack” your bonus systems and receive bonuses for each deposit or get more money for the first registration.

In order to avoid such cases, you can conclude a contract with specialists who produce specialized protective systems or look for another way to defend your website from cyber-attacks and hacking.

9. Technical specialists

The team must have professional technicians who know the answers to all questions regarding the operation of online casinos with real money play. In addition, they must be polite, competent and friendly.

Any player who has received unqualified advice or has heard rudeness from the technical support office will never visit this site again. They can also share their impressions with their friends, who are also fond of playing in the casino, and write unflattering comments on the forum pages.

The main criteria for the operation of technical support should be:

  • Competence.
  • Politeness.
  • Speed of responses.
  • Availability at any time of the day.

It is especially important that the specialist answers to questions about payment transfers, withdrawal of funds, replenishment of the deposit as accessible as possible. In this case, his qualified help will leave a good impression on the user, and he will come to play on your site more than once.

The friendly attitude to the players and clear answers will make it clear to the user that support team are always waiting for him and will not be left without attention. The online casino will become his favorite institution, which will inspire respect and earn a good reputation.

10. Promotion of online casinos

Organizing a gaming business is only the beginning of the work, no less important is the question of its promotion in the market. After all, if a casino is working, it should be profitable, which means that the maximum number of users should come to casino site.

Conclusion: We have tried to describe in as much detail as possible the main stages of launching a gambling project on your own. It is worth noting that starting from scratch is the most expensive form of starting a business.

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