Advertising Agency Software – What You Need to Know

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Posted: Monday, June 22, 2020 - 13:20

For most of us, an advertising agency’s chief responsibility is to craft the perfect sales pitch for clients. True it is. But there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. From project management to data analysis to account reporting to time tracking, advertising agencies have to handle numerous business operations.

With their limited staff, smaller-budget agencies often find themselves at a disadvantage. This is where advertising agency software can help. Its use helps streamline businesses processes at no additional staffing costs. Here’s a list of the must-have features in an effective advertising agency software.

Design and Editing tools

Design tools are indispensable to an advertising agency. The best ones depend on your advertising speciality. From graphic design to video editing there are numerous tools your creative design agency Bristol can choose from. An audio/video editing component is important for an advertising agency that does their editing in-house.

Project Management

A project management module is an extremely valuable feature on advertising agency software. Its varied functions ensure the successful execution of a project from start to end.

Project management tools create a common workspace and help to coordinate tasks across departments as well as clients. It keeps your agency organised, increasing employee productivity and reducing time wastage. The use of shared calendars and to-do-lists creates transparency in workload distributions. It keeps all employees on the same page avoiding duplication of work. Not only this, synced calendars also help prioritize tasks and complete them in a timebound manner.

One can bring team members up to speed on a specific client project using message boards and chat function. It is much easier and quicker than emails. Most project management tools also provide a central location for file storage. Select project management systems designed for advertisement agencies also allow you to get your client on board.

Resource Management

Mismanaged resources – your team, time, and money – are usually the cause for missed deadlines, poor performance and dropping sales. You can review resource utilization in your advertisement agency at any given point of time with a resource management tool. Real-time project tracking gives you an idea of the capacity of your workforce, staff availability, work schedules, and ongoing projects. Your creative design agency in Bristol can use this information to manage workloads comfortably and avoid issues of over-servicing.  To add, it enables managers to make data-driven decisions associated with resource allocation – individuals, teams, and departments so that they are directed where they are most needed.  

Customer Relationship Management

Customers are at the centre of every business. So, if you want to boost your revenue, you need to work on building solid customer relationships. A robust CRM can do just that for your creative design agency Bristol. An ideal CRM solution is one that records accurate and up-to-date client-related information. This data includes details on past, existing, and potential customers. It records interactions between team members and clients. A CRM solution also provides one with any project-specific information they may need during the completion of a project.

Costing and Accounting

Costing and accounting modules track expenses associated with every project. They manage invoicing and billing. They keep track of billable and non-billable hours. Advanced software also assists a creative design agency Bristol make financial projections.

An advertising agency software optimized for mobile platforms is the preferred option. Clients appreciate agencies that are available on-the-go. A few also offer apps and functions that you can tweak to the needs of your business.

There are plenty of advertising agency software solutions available over the market. However, the best one for your creative design agency Bristol will be one that fits the specific requirements of your business. Take your creative design agency Bristol to the next level with the technical prowess that a great advertising agency software offers.

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