Important Services a Pharmaceutical Company Needs

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 23:48

Pharmaceutical companies, more often than not, focus primarily on drug development and sales. As studies and surveys have shown, however, this is not enough. Your customers want you to provide better, more hands-on experience that takes them from being a mere sale to being a loyal customer. This is especially true for drugs and treatment that are required throughout a patient’s life, rather than just a one-off round of pills to cure an ailment.

That is why pharmaceutical companies need to do more. It is why they need to invest in more. Chances are your research and development efforts are on target, but the areas that need attention are these following services:

For Their Research and Development Labs

24 Hour Repair Service

Unlike other industries, chances are tests will be run throughout the night with either a skeleton crew or entirely under the watchful eye of computer programs. This means that there is the risk of parts breaking down at night or during off hours. If you wait too long, then the cultivated samples could expire, putting the project back days, if not weeks behind schedule.

A 24 hour repair company that can both come in for repairs and provides on-call support is necessary for pharmaceutical companies, and if you have not yet hired one, then it is important that you get in touch with MAControls.

A Sourcing Company for Spare Parts

This repair company you hire should also provide spare parts. Older machines, in particular, might need special care and specially sourced decommissioned parts. With a sourcing company you can get your machine up and running, either with a rare spare or with a new alternative that fits.

For Their Customer Service

Patients want pharmaceutical companies to step up when it comes to their care. Many ongoing drug treatments will mean you have a customer for life, and while you have a monopoly this works fine, dealing with competition makes the issue more complicated.

Financial Assistance

51% of patients surveyed stated that they wanted financial assistance to help them pay for their medication. Considering the high cost of this medication even after insurance is accounted for, the why behind this service is obvious.

Measuring and Tracking Alerts

35% of patients would like a measuring and tracking alert system that will notify them of key factors. How high their blood pressure is, for example, or when it is time to take another dosage.

Reward Programs

63% of patients state that they would like a reward program from their pharmaceutical companies. Like financial aid, reward programs offer greater incentive to patients to stay with the same brand of medication they have been using. This can protect your business against no name competitors.

Pharmaceutical companies need to provide their researchers with greater maintenance options and their patients more opportunities to feel loyal to your brand. They need your medication to improve their quality of life, after all, but that does not mean the relationship needs to be so impersonal. Consider implementing all of these services today.

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