How to Increase Your Online Presence

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Posted: Friday, June 21, 2019 - 23:06

Whether you own a business in Plymouth or want to improve your personal brand, there are many ways through which you can improve your online presence and find your target audience. Increasing your online presence can help you to raise awareness of your brand, get more sales, increase the footfall to physical shops, and get more traffic to your website, which is especially useful for eCommerce businesses. Read on for the best ways to boost your presence on the internet.

Set up a Website

The first thing that you should do to boost your online presence is set up a professional level website, as this will encourage site visitors to stay on your website for longer and show you to be a trusted brand which could be of interest to potential customers. Not only this, but your website can contain a lot of vital information to help your audience discover more about your company. You can set up a website yourself by using website builders such as WordPress. On these, you only need to choose a theme, and then the builder will generate a pre-designed website for you. However, if you want your own domain name or an individual website which is unique to your brand, you should invest in hiring a web design company who can help you to create an expert website which will attract and impress visitors.

Create a Social Media Account

To increase your online presence and reach as many of your target audience as possible, you should create social media accounts for your brand across multiple channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. These will help you to connect to not just your target audience but other businesses who you may be able to collaborate with. Once you have created social media accounts, you should post regularly to increase your followers and create entertaining or shareable posts such as competitions which can expand the number of people who interact with your posts. Your social media accounts will also contain important information and give your audience a direct way of contacting you, such as by commenting on your posts.

Go Mobile-Friendly

It is also important that the online devices that you use are mobile friendly, such as your website. To ensure that your website is mobile friendly, your website should be easy to navigate on both a laptop and a mobile. You can do this by using website builders that automatically convert your site to become mobile friendly. Other ways to make your website mobile friendly include having fast loading times for your website and choosing smaller graphics that can load quickly. This will encourage people to stay on your site for longer.

Create Content

You should also create content on a regular basis in order to increase your online presence. The most popular option for this is to create a blog through which you can give your audience updates about the company and create a company voice. However, newer and more innovative options include making Youtube and Facebook videos and podcasts, for instance.

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