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5 of the most profitable businesses that will lead you to success

Authored by Mike Page
Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 07:47

Starting a business is always paved with good intentions. Usually, an unknown factor for success is whether you'll make a substantial profit.

Making a boatload of money is an unrealistic expectation but you do want to choose an industry where profits are high compared to your initial investment. That's why it's important to find out which ones are the most profitable businesses before you ever move forward. That way you can put your hard-earned money into a business that has a proven record of success.

The Most Profitable Businesses Put You on a Successful Monetary Path

1. Food Trucks

It's a sure bet that people aren't going to stop eating.
If you are unable to purchase your own truck, start out by leasing or renting one from someone else or outfitting a cart or trailer. Whatever you choose to do, you must abide by health department regulations and county/city requirements. 
After you've been in business a while, you can purchase an used food truck or a vehicle you can convert into a mobile unit.
Keep in mind that you'll have costs to design the truck, insurance, point of sale software, advertising, food and supplies, legal fees, and other costs. You can consider a business loan to invest in your truck.

2. Handyman

Busy people prefer to delegate home and office chores. Some don't have the skills to fix a leaky plumbing valve, make carpentry repairs, or routine maintenance work.
Because things wear out or break, people constantly need a handyman to complete interior and exterior odd jobs. One day you could repaint a room or shed and the next day switch out light bulbs or insulate an attic.
Depending on the individual, a handyman can provide semi-skilled and skilled services.

3. Business Consultant

A perfect job for a retired entrepreneur or an expert in an industry, a business consultant is a problem solver.
Along with your knowledge, you only need a mobile phone and laptop to get started. You can create several consulting packages tailored to a client's needs and budget. As long as you provide value and answers to problems, you should develop a steady stream of clients.
Your niche of expertise could be gardening, career counseling, auditing, public relations, or anything else.

4. Accounting and Tax Preparation

This is one of the most profitable businesses because individuals and businesses will always need a professional to prepare taxes and complete other accounting tasks.
You could expand your business to offer payroll and bookkeeping services when tax time is over. Most people start out by working from home and then purchase a building or rent space as their business grows.

5. Personal Trainer

You can help others reach personal physical goals like getting a beach body, losing weight, or improving health.
Many certified personal trainers start working at a gym, training studio, or wellness center so they aren't required to purchase equipment or fitness gear. As their business grows and they gain more experience, they can train clients in their home or rent commercial space.
To earn more money, trainers specialize in athletics, nutrition, orthopedics, and other types of specialties.   

The Most Profitable Businesses Will Help You Thrive

By knowing which businesses excel and which ones don't, you level the playing field.
There's no reason to sink money into a least profitable business when you can choose one that already succeeds. By doing so, you position yourself to make a profit.
There's only one thing left to do. Why not check out which industries are most profitable so you can be successful too?