Survey shows new UK holiday trend

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Posted: Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 11:52

A new survey by and reveals the true cost of term time holiday penalties - and how families plan to save hundreds of pounds by holidaying in the UK this year.

Families across the UK say it's costing them an average of £873 more per year to take a holiday abroad, since Michael Gove introduced penalties to prevent children being taken out of school during term time.

School fines of £60, introduced by then Education Secretary Michael Gove, are imposed if children are taken out of school during term time, which means that legally families can only take their children abroad on holiday - during peak holiday times, when the cost of travel and accommodation is at its seasonal highest.

The survey conducted by the tourism experts asked 1,000 parents for their views on the cost of taking their families on holiday.

Ten per cent of respondents said they estimate it now costs them over £2,000 more to take their families abroad.

Families also estimated they can save an average of £424 by taking a holiday in the UK, with 12% of respondents saying they save over £1,000 by holidaying in the UK.

"The cost of holidaying abroad is now beyond the reach of many UK families - conversely staying in the UK has never offered better value," said Matt Fletcher of and

"With amazing beaches, fabulous food, places to stay, things to do - and easy travel - a holiday in Devon or Cornwall is a really attractive option for stretched families."

One mother of two children, who holidays regularly in Devon commented: 'We are reluctant to break the law and take our two children out of school during term time. The high prices during the holidays however mean that we cannot afford to go abroad. Instead, we enjoy fabulous family holidays in Devon - with less travel hassle, interesting places to stay, and loads to see and do,' Sharon Brewster, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


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